Not Ready To Give Up Sugar Just Yet?

We’ve got you covered!

Our 7 Day Eat Less Sugar Challenge is designed to have you gradually reduce your sugar consumption slowly over 7 days by starting to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

7 Day Eat Less Sugar Challenge

Our first 7 Day Online Program designed to help you reduce your sugar consumption. You will receive tips, tools and strategies to curb sugar cravings enough, so that you feel ready to give up sugar.

7 Delicious Sugar-Free Recipes

These healthy, delicious recipes that are specifically designed to curb your sugar cravings and heal the damage caused by sugar erosion. 

Learn How To Deal With Sugar Cravings!

At Sweet Freedom, we know that is takes more than just following a diet to get sugar free. That is why we provide you with tools and tips to help manage your sugar addiction during those tough moments. We teach you what to do when the sugar cravings get too much, how to start tackling the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of sugar addiction and how to spot and avoid all the hidden sugars out there!

Meet Your Instructor

20 years ago, Sherry was twice her present size, suffering from severe depression and totally addicted to sugar. She would start each day with 1/2 a litre of ultra chocolate ice cream and wouldn’t stop eating sugar until she went to bed.

Today, Sherry has developed a healthy relationship with food, and has what she calls Sweet Freedom. She no longer craves her favourite sugary treats, maintains a healthy body (and mind) and does this all whilst allowing herself the occasional sweet treat.