Sweet Freedom Live

Saturday January 5th 2019
Oakridge Adventist Church, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Live Event Cancelled due to a last minute venue cancellation. Sherry will now be doing a Live Stream at the same time covering the same topics, with a live Q&A and a special bonus for ticket holders!

Whether you are a serious sugar addict or you just know your life would be better with less sugar in it, you’ll benefit from starting out the year right with this live masterclass with Sweet Expert Sherry Strong.

If you’d like to have more energy, sleep better, wake up feeling happy, improve your mental clarity, focus and memory, getting off of refined sugar is essential.

Sweet Freedom Live

  • Plant Based Approach
  • Live Cooking Demonstration
  • Tools to Curb Sugar Cravings
  • Learn to Avoid Hidden Sugars
  • Practical Strategies for Quitting Sugar
  • Discover Truly Healthy Naturally Sweets

Meet Your Host

“I was sick, obese, tired and wanted to die. That all changed when I got off sugar.”
Hi, I’m Sherry and although my last name is Strong for a good part of my life I felt anything but strong…

Way More Than Just A Diet

We understand it takes way more than just a diet to tackle sugar addiction, it requires an all-encompassing strategy. Our Sweet Freedom Method focuses on nourishing the 4 key areas of your life. By nourishing yourself Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually, you become strong enough to break free from the hold sugar has on you.


Addressing the psychological barriers that prevent you from maintaining a healthy diet. Creating new neural pathways which strengthen the mind to make healthier choices.


Most sugar addiction is compounded by emotionally charged binge eating. We address, acknowledge and heal the emotional reasons that cause us to eat sugar.


After a lifetime of sugar consumption, your body need to heal. We focus on nourishing your body in way that reduces cravings and heals the damage caused by sugar.


To stay on track, you need to create a deep & meaningful goal in life that is so compelling, indulging in sugar becomes an obstacle instead of a pleasure.

Live Webinar

Sherry will be live streaming this event on Saturday 5th January for all ticket holders. She will also be doing a live Q&A where you can ask any questions related to your Sweet Freedom Journey.

What's Included

  • Access to the Online Video Live Stream
  • Live Q&A with Sherry

  • Bonus gift for anyone attending the Live Stream at 2:00pm!

Free Bonus

Along with each ticket purchase, you will also receive access to our 7 Day Eat Less Sugar Challenge Online Course ($37 Value). This course is perfect for kick starting your Sweet Freedom Journey. We teach you tips, tools, recipes and strategies to help dramatically lower your sugar consumption.

Sweet Success

Hundreds of people are already living their Sweet Freedom life! We dedicate this section to our Sweet Freedom Heroes, who have made inspiring changes in their life and truly embody Sweet Freedom.

Purchase Live Stream

This event is now a Live Stream only. Links to the live stream will be sent out a day before the event begins and sent again 30 minutes before start.

$30 (USD)