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If you require a more hands-on approach to overcoming sugar and food addiction, Sherry takes on a select group of individuals each year for more intensive and private programs.

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Online Coaching Packages

The Strategy Session

This half-day session is a one on one with Sherry where she creates a personalized strategy to help you fast track your Sweet Freedom Journey. This can be done via Skype or in person.


Platinum Package

This is a 7 session program where Sherry helps you execute your personalized Sweet Freedom Strategy. You will have homework and accountability on a schedule that works for your life and goals.


Lifestyle Makeover

This is a live-in program where Sherry comes to you to make your home and life over to help you implement your Sweet Freedom Strategy. This involves shopping, a kitchen audit, cooking classes for your family and support team, one on one coaching, family coaching and setting up your kitchen and life to fast track your Sweet Freedom success.


All of the above programs include $1000+ worth of online food coaching programs, including the Sweet Freedom 8 Week Online Program and the Return To Food Coaching Program.

Private Client Testimonials

  • “The nutritional guidance I have received from Sherry has enabled me, at the age of 50, to operate at a peak I couldn’t have even imagined in my 20s. Best of all I enjoy how I source, store, prepare, share and ingest beautiful, natural foods. Her holistic approach to wellness works for me on so many levels.”

    Jan Saunders, Elite Athlete & Endurance Event Competitor
  • “Sherry’s knowledge on the subject of health is extensive…(her) passion is abundant and it’s a pleasure to work with her. Best decision I have EVER made…eternally grateful.”

    Debra Ross, CEO, Gamma Tech
  • “Sherry is one of the world’s most lucid experts in the area of food and nutrition.”

    Taren Hocking, Champion Events
  • “Sherry gets that I have an extremely active and busy life that doesn’t fit into a cookie cutter quick x prescriptive approach. She tailors her work to suit my life. Her concepts and philosophies make complex and conflicting information make sense so I can apply her practical wisdom into my way of doing life.”

    W. Brett Wilson, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & 3-Season Panelist on CBC’s Dragons’ Den
  • “(Sherry) has really made it so understandable, how being simple and eating food that is good for you is actually returning to nature, and we love that philosophy – it is our philosophy!”

    Mariel Hemingway & Bobby Williams, Authors of Running With Nature
  • “Sherry Strong is more than her impressive list of achievements in the nutrition world that include sitting as Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia and sought after lecturer at IHN, one of our most prestigious nutrition schools in the country. She is, as her title so eloquently describes, “a food philosopher” who cares deeply about her students. Sherry is a goldmine resource for anyone who wants to cut out the crap and get healthy once and for all.”

    Sheleana Breakell & Caleb Jennings, Co-Founders,
  • “It’s not an understatement to say that Sherry Strong helped resurrect my life and my health. Her principles within Return To Food illuminate her teachings, which should be required reading for anyone interested in lifelong health, energy, and normalizing body weight. is is not a diet; it’s reclaiming your natural right to eat the way you were designed to eat.”

    Jon Benson, CEO, Digital Publisher, Health & Fitness Author
  • “What I love about this approach is that she has these philosophies, strategies and con- cepts that just make sense. They help you reframe your thinking in a way that motivates you from the inside. She gives you the tools to tell yourself what to do and in a way that you don’t feel like you’re missing out.”

    Theo Fleury, NHL Hockey Legend and Best Selling Author

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