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Think back to a time when your sugar consumption was at its worst. Answer the following questions in relation to how you were experiencing and consuming sugar at that time. When it comes to the word sugar, consider all sources of refined sugar or refined foods. This includes breads, alcohol, potato chips, and savoury foods with sneaky sugars like beef jerky or yoghurts.

Which best describes your eating habits when it comes to sugar:


If someone were to offer you sugar, you would:

3. After eating sugar...
4. I would have strong, uncontrollable sugar cravings...

How much time would you think about eating sugar?


How often would you eat large amounts of sugar in one sitting?


How do you feel sugar impacts your life?

Did you know that sugar lights up the brains dopamine receptors 8 times more than cocaine? No wonder it is so addictive! Sugar addiction is the most widely spread yet least addressed addiction. Find out your level of sugar addiction* by taking this free quiz!