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Discovering your level of sugar addiction is the first and most important step on your Sweet Freedom journey.  Take 3 minutes to answer this 7 question quiz and you’ll receive a customized recommendation on how you can start reducing your sugar consumption today. You will also receive weekly tips, strategies and sugar-free recipes to help kick-start your journey towards Sweet Freedom.

Your Sweet Freedom Journey

Answer the quiz questions and you will learn:

  • Your individual level of sugar addiction
  • Why we keep eating sugar when we know it’s bad for us
  • How to best start your journey from your level of addiction
  • Tips, recipes and strategies for living sugar-free

Meet Sherry Strong

With over 20 years of experience working as a chef, nutritionist and food philosopher, Sherry was helped thousands of people kick their sugar habit for good! She does this all without dieting, by working on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual reasons behind our eating habits.

Our Mission

We believe that removing sugar from your diet is the key to your happiest life. As many of us have been eating sugar our whole lives, and we are surrounded by sugar wherever we go, it can be challenging to kick the habit. But we believe that with the right tools and support, anyone can achieve their own Sweet Freedom.