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“What I love about this approach is that she has these philosophies, strategies and con- cepts that just make sense. They help you reframe your thinking in a way that motivates you from the inside. She gives you the tools to tell yourself what to do and in a way that you don’t feel like you’re missing out.”

Theo Fleury, NHL Hockey Legend and Best Selling Author

Sherry is an award-winning Speaker, Chef, Nutritionist, Food Philosopher. She was the Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, Melbourne President of Slow Food and the Co-Founder of the World Wellness Summit.  She has worked with elite athletes, billionaires, celebrities, CEO’s and everyday folk like herself to transform the way they relate to food and their body.

Sherry is the founder and the creator of the Sweet Freedom Project – which includes a multi-media transformational platform dedicated to helping people get sugar-free naturally for life.
Return to Food Book

Author of Return to Food – The Life Changing Anti-Diet

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My Story

“I was sick, obese, tired and wanted to die. That all changed when I got off sugar.”
Hi, I’m Sherry and although my last name is Strong for a good part of my life I felt anything but strong.
For most of my life sugar was my kryptonite and what made it worse than Superman’s kryptonite is that I was totally addicted to it and found it impossible to avoid. I thought sugar was stronger than I was. I was wrong.
Through much research, trial and error, I discovered that I was stronger than sugar and by breaking free from sugar’s hold, I got my life back. My energy increased dramatically, I slept better, my migraines and back pain, went away, I could think more clearly, smiled a whole lot more and went from a size 16 to a size 6 and have kept it off for almost 20 years.
“Sugar is a drug, getting off of it requires a strategy, not a diet.”
I’m the kind of person who could not follow a diet to save my life and managed to do all of this without dieting or depriving myself which is why I’m so excited to share my philosophies and strategies with you.
For over 20 years I’ve been developing and teaching these strategies to help thousands of people get off of sugar and processed foods to break the hold it has on them. I know if a serious sugar addict like me can do it, you can too.
“Sherry gets that I have an extremely active and busy life that doesn’t fit into a cookie cutter quick x prescriptive approach. She tailors her work to suit my life. Her concepts and philosophies make complex and conflicting information make sense so I can apply her practical wisdom into my way of doing life.”

W. Brett Wilson, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & 3-Season Panelist on CBC’s Dragons’ Den 

Sherry Strong Sweet Freedom Summit


My crowning glory as a presenter was making 3 comedy writers for Seinfeld laugh out loud. Making audiences laugh while they are changing their way of thinking about food feeds my soul.


  • Get Off Sugar in 5 Days
  • Anti-Diet Philosophy Trumps Dieting
  • The Power of Real Food


  • Sweet Freedom – a story for ending sugar addiction for good
  • A Little Bit Louder God- harnessing intuition for real power
  • Obey Nature & Win Life
Cooking Keynotes
Sherry’s signature Cooking Keynote takes audience participation to the next level by creating a MasterChef inspired cooking contest with the worst cook in the audience. Sherry can show your group how even the worst cook pitted against an award-winning chef and nutritionist can make a better tasting and more nutritious meal.
Double Decker Sherry Strong Cooking Keynote Sandwich
Sherry can have your conference topped and tailed with presentations that open and close the conference. Starting with a powerful opener to set the stage of your conference and introduce a strategic food theme for the conference that enables audiences to get the most out of the event;
Retain more information, be more engaged in all presentations and activities.
Reduce the consumption of costly food and drink that ends up costing in lost productivity.
Make food and drink choices that send people back to work performing at a higher level and with practical tools and gifts to help them sustain the messages in the program.
Sherry can also work with event caterers and hotels to create menus and preferred choices on existing menus that add value to the event while ingratiating you to the venue. She’s been a chef and knows how to work with them so they will love you for hiring her.

 This is what America’s Funniest Motivational Speaker says about Sherry;

“Sherry is very creative onstage and her ability to use humour to reinforce her message and put her audience at ease is top notch, she is consistently able to get me to laugh out loud at her stories and improvisational interactions with the audience. As a speaker Sherry is one of the best I have heard, she has a passion for her subject, a new and original message and a very fun style that I know your audience will enjoy and get great take-home value from.”

Tim Gard 

“I PROMISE to engage and entertain your audience from the moment I step on stage singing until they jump to their feet applauding. They will thank you profusely for helping them discover the power they have to change the way they see and do life.” Sherry Strong

You Won’t Be Able to Take Your Eyes Off of Her – Sherry is funny, engaging and includes modalities of teaching that engages all types of learners. She will have your audience thinking differently about nourishing their bodies and living their best lives. Sherry engaged audiences on every level which opens audiences up to learning and implementation without barriers.

TouchDown Commitment – Sherry is dedicated to bringing all of her passion, wisdom, and knowlege to make your event an audience hands-down favourite.
Masterful Story Teller – Sherry tells a most personal story of her journey of death by sugar to how it saved her life. Everyone will be able to relate to a piece if not the whole of her story.
She’s Been There – having been twice her size and had the worst of eating habits, she can relate to every audience member.
World Best Information Expert – Sherry has held board level positions advising government and nutrition professionals as well as consulting to institutions on nutrition best practices.
Practical and Implementable Information – NO Fluff, NO Bamboozling with BS Promise
Having worked with thousands of people from CEO’s, Elite Athletes, Billionaires, Celebrities and everyday folk like herself, she knows what works and ultimately changes behaviours for good.
Customized Keynotes
Sherry can tailor her message to your event theme and make it specifically relevant to your audience. Sherry will learn about your audience and business and can create online resources and gifts that add enormous take-home value to your event.
Revolutionary Content – Sherry’s philosophies have been lauded as brilliant and been invited to share them in learning institutions from the Queensland Brain Institute to UBC’s Sauder Business School. They eliminate nutritional confusion, cut through the diet and nutrition marketing and help people to understand how and what they are meant to eat on a DNA level.
Beautiful Visuals – Sherry uses images and her beautiful illustrations to drive home points.
Powerful Props – Sherry uses props and food to interact and engage with the audience to make them not just watch but become part of the experience.
Peak Performance Nutri-tainment – Sherry’s message is essential to help people perform at their peak and her strategies are doable for everyone no matter if they are everyday folk, elite athletes or CEO’s. She knows how to inspire you to make sustainable game-changing lifestyle tweaks.

What in the world is a food philosopher??

People are drowning in conflicting nutritional information flooding the internet and media. The result is people running in all directions uncertain of what to do and who to follow.
Sherry has developed philosophies that cut through nutritional confusion which she herself experienced holding positions of responsibility in nutrition and health. She knew there had to be a way of relating to food that just made sense. And that is the most common piece of feedback she gets about her philosophies. ‘They just make sense’ and that is because they are rooted in nature, science and the living history of the most successful healthy cultures on earth.
The philosophies and strategies Sherry has developed over 25 years working with people in food and nutrition, will help you understand and intuit what your body needs. Her philosophies combine the power of working with our intellect, intuition, psychology, and physiology to know what it is our bodies really need to eat to thrive as well as enjoy the gifts of food.

Australia’s Most In Demand Female Speaker says this about Sherry;

I saw Sherry Strong present for the first time. Man…she is great! The delegates also loved her. She should be included in every conference where there is an emphasis on health and well-being. The audience hung on every word about nutrition. She has such great content re the C-AP we are eating and I’m sure she changed peoples’ behaviour that day. Her style is very natural and being Canadian she understands the Australian sense of humour and had a lot of fun with the audience. I saw a demonstration cooking segment with a member of the audience and then her keynote. Lots of sound info, excellent credentials, great props and support material…very engaging.

Robyn Moore 


Your Next Best Podcast Guest

Sweet Freedom Links

I started The Sweet Freedom Life project just over 12 months ago and since have held a summit with 24,000 registrants, developed and launched an 8-week online program, held a 7-day retreat on Bowen Island and written and produced a one-day event including a one-woman show on the story of sugar addiction. All of this is with a focus to get people off of sugar so they can live their best life.

Podcasts & Talks

Event Organizers Testimonials

  • Sherry gets that I have an extremely active and busy life that doesn’t fit into a cookie cutter quick fix prescriptive approach. She tailors her work to suit my life. Her concepts and philosophies make complex and conflicting information make sense and so I can apply her practical wisdom into my way of doing life.

    W. Brett Wilson
  • Thank you for delivering such an entertaining presentation….the response has been 100% positive, with comments like “Sherry’s presentation made the effort to get out of bed more worthwhile.’ ‘Sherry is an excellent speaker – intelligent, witty and logical.’ And ‘Excellent! The presentation was motivating and entertaining!’ You certainly have raised the bar.

    Kate Wilkins – CPA Australia
    Member Relations Executive
  • Thanks for presenting at our recent conference, Sherry. I received excellent feedback from numerous delegates about both your plenary and workshop sessions. They LOVED the cooking demonstration, particularly with the involvement of Daniel and Brian and the smell of the cooking food directly before lunch! Your presentations were a little out of the box for our conference, as most of the sessions were about financial planning, however you were incredibly well received. Injecting your personality and humour into the presentation was excellent! Our delegates acknowledged that their own health and well being – and that of their staff and clients – is of critical importance and your presentations provided them with a refreshing point of view on the topic. Some delegates are interested in discussing the opportunity for you to present for their staff and clients as a result. From a personal perspective, I took away a lot from your presentation and now consider my food choices much more carefully and look for quality rather than value for money. Thanks again, Sherry!

    Linda Morrison
    Lonsdale Financial Group Ltd
  • Your work was right on the money, you worked to the brief, you had them laughing, thinking and inspired to act on the information. You are still a conversation topic at lunch time. You captivated the audience …they were hanging on your every word…we are looking forward to having you present in the upcoming months.

    Kristi Russell – Fosters
    Executive Development CUB Finance
  • Sherry was awe-inspiring and really funny, relevant to us both personally and professionally, informative, motivating, practical and entertaining. What an eye opener… easily understood with some simple tips to take on board….I would recommend her without hesitation.

    Lisa Cahill – The Body Shop
    National Retail Manager
  • Your professionalism and commitment to providing a first class presentation made our event successful as well as enjoyable. The participants were captivated by your lively, entertaining and motivating session.

    Anne Shields – Orica
    Occupational Health Consultant
  • Brilliant session. in your presentation you were most giving in sharing of your personal story, your hints and instructions on good eating, your delicious food samples and the recipes which made for a well rounded presentation that had everyone involved and enjoying the experience.. haven’t got over your sensational Canadian ‘Call of the Wild’ it creates a freedom and space at the start of the presentation that frees up everyone who hears it to leave their inhibitions behind.

    Executive Support
  • On behalf of the North West Region of Business Managers I wish to congratulate you on your lively, entertaining and motivating presentation.. our audience particularly enjoyed your ‘Canadian Call of the Wild’ and your ‘Stone Soup’ story. your passion was contagious. Thank you for and awakening of the joys of good food. You gave us a wonderfully humorous and intelligent 60 minutes

    Jan Barrett

It’s difficult to sum up the Sweet Freedom Online Program in just a few sentences because it has been so life changing for me! I’m 62 years old and have tried many weight loss programs and stopping sugar programs with no lasting result. However with this program I’ve truly found freedom! Upon starting the program I had no confidence that I could give up processed sugar but I decided to commit to attending the meetings and doing the homework. I heard principles in this program that I never heard before and that I can follow for life not just until the program is over. I also appreciate the honest and loving manner in which the program is presented. I’m so happy, I could just shout!!

Delcie Miller

Coaching Clients Testimonials

  • The Bowen retreat was the most ground-breaking journey of self-discovery for me. My self-confidence increased tremendously throughout and after the retreat. Any fears and doubts that I had still lingering as to whether this is what I want to be doing disappeared as I learned more in class and in the kitchen.It was by far the greatest hands on, experiential and thoroughly nourishing learning experience.

    This was the best week of my entire life. I came away a new person. I feel so blessed to have you in my life and to have this opportunity to work with you and share what I am learning from you with others.

    From the first time I saw your clip in the Wheel of life documentary I have wanted to share your philosophies with anyone who will listen and I really do feel it should be shared with the masses and I am going to take great pride in spreading the word and teaching it.You are changing the world one foodie/coach at a time and it is going to be amazing and I am so proud to be a part of it all.

    I believe the retreat alone is worth paying $3000.00 – $5000.00 – with all that goes into planning and making it all happen it is probably worth more than this”

    Gina Sauer
    Gina Sauer
    Return to Food Coach
  • My world has been transformed after meeting Sherry Strong. For the first time ever – I actually know what it means to love and care for my body, to a point where weight does not matter, and I feel “healthy”. I also can’t believe how well my children eat and how keen they are to try new foods these days. I am enjoying my time in the kitchen again after years of feeling like it’s a chore to prepare meals. It seems that I have finally switched on and realised that you really are what you eat and that the most important job I have as a mother is to nourish my family well – because how they are fuelled has such an impact upon every other aspect of their lives. There is no chore in that for me now – only pleasure and the chance to challenge myself with my creativity. Over the years I have spent a lot of time and money in trying to solve the nutritional maze, but thanks to Sherry’s remarkable RTF philosophies and the subsequent journey I have undertaken with her, the confusion has been lifted and food is fun again.

    RTFA Bowen retreat was a space to personally rejuvenate and enhance my cooking skills in a safe, fun and nurturing environment – allowing inspiration and clarity from the beautiful surroundings and loving energy of other mindful foodies to flow!

    Roz Mcmahon
    Roz McMahon
    Return to Food Coach
  • I am sitting here on my patio one of my favourite places where I am overcome with emotion after finishing module 3. The Return to Food program and you feels to be 100% divinely orchestrated!I wanted to write you privately to say thank you. It is evident that you are following your hearts calling and I am beyond inspired by this course.

    Chancey Dawn
    Chanci Dawn
    Return to Food Coach
  • Sherry Strong’s Return to Food program is excellent! It’s very comprehensive video format is great to follow and work through systematically, but also at your own pace. Sherry’s dynamic, informative, and serving nature brings the philosophical approach to food to the forefront, showing how this is the way to make lasting changes to the way you eat.

    She shows you how to dig deep into your mind and heart to get to the root of your food choices, and she shows you how to hypernourish not only your physical being, but also your mental, emotional, and spiritual being. The course gives you the tools and strategies to succeed in your relationship with food, and if you wish, with your clients, and other aspects of your life and your life’s calling. It’s amazing to be part of a community of people with similar interests going through their journey as well, I can honestly say I’ve seen my own evolution and that of others in the group. If you’re not sure if this program is right for you, just do it! You’ll soon realize you made the right choice!

    Karen Porter
    Karen Porter
    Return to Food Coach - Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • I cannot say enough about how amazing this program is. I am so excited for the growth, transformation & passion that is coming out of the amazing group of women that I have the privilege of spending my month around. The hub of this growth is of course, Sherry- she has created a space where we feel safe to shining with our true colours, be honest with our emotions & to be perfectly imperfect (on a moment to moment basis). Minimizing nutritional confusion, learning how to speak professionally and believing in living your passion and being successful.

    Chloe Elger
    Chloe Elgar
    Chloe’s Countertop Blogger
  • I’m so glad that I met Sherry earlier this year and found Return to Food. Sherry will leave you feeling inspired about your own wellness journey and excited to help others find their path in a non-judgemental and loving way.

    Ashley Joyce
    Ashley Joyce
    Return to Food Coach - Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • Return to food takes you on a journey of self discovery and self love, you will come out of it with so much love for yourself, the world around you and how you do life. People around you will be declaring “I’ll have what she’s having!” Return to food teaches you how to nourish yourself, not just physically but emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well. It teaches you how to find your way to health and there is no need to measure and read and calculate. Just eat, enjoy, feel great and repeat. I haven’t felt this good about myself ever.

    Gina Sauer
    Gina Sauer
    Return to Food Coach
  • Finding Sherry and the Return to Food program was quite literally an answer to prayer for both my life and business. It took me on a nourishing journey mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically and I have walked away with an undeniable calling to be part of the Return to Food Movement. Return to Food is and will continue to impact people’s relationship with themselves, their food and the environment and I feel eternally blessed to have found it!

    Chancey Dawn
    Chanci Dawn
    Return to Food Coach

Audience Testimonials

  • “The nutritional guidance I have received from Sherry has enabled me, at the age of 50, to operate at a peak I couldn’t have even imagined in my 20s. Best of all I enjoy how I source, store, prepare, share and ingest beautiful, natural foods. Her holistic approach to wellness works for me on so many levels.”

    Jan Saunders, Elite Athlete & Endurance Event Competitor
  • “Sherry’s knowledge on the subject of health is extensive…(her) passion is abundant and it’s a pleasure to work with her. Best decision I have EVER made…eternally grateful.”

    Debra Ross, CEO, Gamma Tech
  • “Sherry is one of the world’s most lucid experts in the area of food and nutrition.”

    Taren Hocking, Champion Events
  • “Sherry gets that I have an extremely active and busy life that doesn’t fit into a cookie cutter quick x prescriptive approach. She tailors her work to suit my life. Her concepts and philosophies make complex and conflicting information make sense so I can apply her practical wisdom into my way of doing life.”

    W. Brett Wilson, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & 3-Season Panelist on CBC’s Dragons’ Den
  • “(Sherry) has really made it so understandable, how being simple and eating food that is good for you is actually returning to nature, and we love that philosophy – it is our philosophy!”

    Mariel Hemingway & Bobby Williams, Authors of Running With Nature
  • “Sherry Strong is more than her impressive list of achievements in the nutrition world that include sitting as Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia and sought after lecturer at IHN, one of our most prestigious nutrition schools in the country. She is, as her title so eloquently describes, “a food philosopher” who cares deeply about her students. Sherry is a goldmine resource for anyone who wants to cut out the crap and get healthy once and for all.”

    Sheleana Breakell & Caleb Jennings, Co-Founders,
  • “It’s not an understatement to say that Sherry Strong helped resurrect my life and my health. Her principles within Return To Food illuminate her teachings, which should be required reading for anyone interested in lifelong health, energy, and normalizing body weight. is is not a diet; it’s reclaiming your natural right to eat the way you were designed to eat.”

    Jon Benson, CEO, Digital Publisher, Health & Fitness Author
  • “What I love about this approach is that she has these philosophies, strategies and con- cepts that just make sense. They help you reframe your thinking in a way that motivates you from the inside. She gives you the tools to tell yourself what to do and in a way that you don’t feel like you’re missing out.”

    Theo Fleury, NHL Hockey Legend and Best Selling Author

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